Love Notes

I quit my wasteful fast-fashion habit.

I'm a huge fan of Sass Obsessed! Your crochet tops are perfect for even everyday wear, and I love the unique designs. Thank you girls, for making sustainable fashion accessible to everyone! 

-Nikita Sharma

What is there not to love about the products?

Sass Obsessed has an amazing and customizable selection of crochet clothing. I've got a couple of tops recently, and it's been worth the wait! Not only are their clothes made sustainably, but they are also beautiful!



Your Clothing Matches With My Mood - Fun & Sassy! 😉

I have been drooling over your product for a while, and finally I decided to order one. It is amazing! You girls created an easy to wear yet special-looking products that can be styled in different ways. Also, the materials are ethical and like you said, sustainable because it can be recycled.

-Nikita Rathore

Singing 'Im so fancy' on the top of my lungs with your bralettes! 😉

Easy to order. Great gear. Great price. The only downside is I have told lot of my friends about Sass Obsessed and we might end up at the same party in the same outfit!😉🙃 


Your Clothing Matches With My Mood - Fun & Sassy! 😉

I am not exaggerating when I say that the quality of every item I've purchased from Sass Obsessed has been phenomenal. Every single time, their clothes are so well made and fit perfectly! They're definitely my go-to for summer outfit!👏👏 I can't recommend them enough 💋

Sahil Arora

You made my summertime sadness into summertime madness! 😀

I've had amazing vacation because I had your back. You guys gives best feedback, were super patient with me. Everyone asked me about my crop top and bralette collection!!! All the best guys! <3



I can experiment with my style whenever I want.

I have purchased from Sass Obsessed on many many occasions and can honestly say that the quality of every item I have purchased has been fantastic, not to mention the fit!! All tops and bralettes are gorgeous and I recommend this brand to everyone 💜💜 

- Sudarshna