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Sass Obsessed & ABCwools Gifted Handmade Winter Clothing to Dada Dadi Ashram in Jodhpur

Sass Obsessed & ABCwools Gifted Handmade Winter Clothing to Dada Dadi Ashram in Jodhpur

The Knit For Smiles Club, powered by Sass Obsessed and ABCwools, hosted a wonderful event in order to bring a bit of joy and warmth to Dada Dadi Ashram (Old Age Home). Generous volunteers from all over the city knitting handcrafted caps, socks, mufflers and head warmers for those in need.  

It was a marvelous sight to see so many people come together for a good cause, donating their time and skill to make such thoughtful gifts for their Dada Dadi’s who were sure to appreciate the kindness.  

The goal was to bring together women who are passionate about knitting and crocheting to share their creative skills in the service of a wonderful cause.  
Many women came together to make caps, head warmers and socks for Dada Dadi Ashram (Nandni). Their efforts were rewarded as they were filled with joy knowing that these items will not only provide warmth for those in need but also convey the message that somebody cares.  
This was an inspiring event which demonstrated how we can be part of a meaningful and greater good!  

Jodhpur Dainik Bhaskar 21st December 2022

Knit For Smiles Club   

Knit For Smiles Club is a unique club powered by Sass Obsessed and ABCwools, who collaborate together to make it possible for knitters and crocheters of all abilities to make items with the goal of donating and gifting them to others in their community. Through this effort, we are bringing smiles to the faces of those that receive a handmade product made with care and love. Countless studies have shown that heartfelt gestures such as providing warm clothing or other woven goods can bring feelings of happiness, solace, contentment, and stability. By joining our club, you can help us bridge the gap between those in need and feeling joy again! 

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About Dada Dadi Ashram  

Dada Dadi Ashram is an NGO managed by DR Rajendra Choudhary, located in Nandni, Jodhpur. This organization provides a safe and secure environment to 30-35 homeless elderly people in the area, which offers them comfort and dignity in their old age.  

Dr Rajendra Choudhary established this NGO with the mission of improving the living conditions of those who require help in their later years, and his efforts have made substantial changes in the lives of numerous individuals who find themselves without family or support.  

Dedicated to making sure these individuals feel supported and cared for, Dada Dadi Ashram has done tremendous work since its inception. The commitment of DR Rajendra Choudhary and this positive NGO continue to be a symbol of hope for countless senior members of society who are seeking a roof over their heads and companionship that otherwise might not be readily available. 

Sass Obsessed & ABCwools Gifted Handmade Winter Clothing to Dada Dadi Ashram in Jodhpur 13

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