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Celebrating World Wide Knit in Public Day at Jodhpur | Sass Obsessed

On Saturday, the 10th the team of Sass Obsessed and ABCwool Celebrated World Wide Knit in Public Day at Jodhpur. This event brought together knitters of all ages for a day full of fun, inspiration, and, of course, mountains of yarn. Let’s explore the vibrant pleasure that Nehru Park had to offer!

Putting Knitting in the Light:

Who says knitting is only for relaxing evenings in front of the fire? Nehru Park was transformed into a knitting runway where yarn artists displayed their talents to onlookers. The park was changed into a brilliant oasis of creativity with a kaleidoscope of colours and a symphony of clinking needles.

The park was changed into a brilliant oasis of creativity with a kaleidoscope of colours and a symphony of clinking needles. The knitting diva herself, Neelkamal Chouhan, went above and above to create a space where knitting fantasies might come true.

Neelkamal Chouhan, who served as the event’s host, stole the show with unbridled passion and a dash of knitting magic. She welcomed everyone to Nehru Park with a wicked grin and her trusty knitting needles while regaling them with tales of her own knitting escapades and the priceless experiences she had gained via the hobby. Everyone was brought together by Neelkamal’s contagious love of knitting, which developed a spirit of utter delight and togetherness.

The Things That Bind Us Together:

Neelkamal led a rousing knitting chant that reverberated across the park to get the day off to an energising start. Participants settled in for a day of knitting delight, each carrying bundles of vibrant yarn and an abundance of designs. There was something for everyone because beginner- and knitting-expert-friendly workshops were offered throughout the weekend.

Knitting lovers proudly displayed their most recent works, showcasing everything from cosy scarves to oddball crocheted animals. Nehru Park was transformed into a quirky gallery where each artwork reflected the personality and expertise of its maker and told a distinct story. As other knitters celebrated the displayed talent, the room was filled with gasps of awe and cheers.

Knitting and Making Friends:

The friendships made, rather than the stitches and designs, were what gave World Wide Knit in Public Day its true enchantment. Conversations grew as the needles clicked and the yarn flowed, creating a tapestry of friendship and similar experiences. Through their shared passion of knitting, people from many walks of life became entwined, exchanging advice and encouraging one another to explore the limits of their craft.

Not to mention the amusing knitting blunders that gave the day a whimsical touch! We laughed heartily as tangled yarn and misplaced stitches served as a gentle reminder that perfection is overrated. The voyage itself, the shared laughing, and the realisation that even the silliest errors could be turned into something lovely were the actual joys.

Press Release

Neelkamal Chouhan’s Knit in Public event, which took place in Nehru Park, was recently highlighted in Dainik Navjyoti, which perfectly encapsulated the spirit of this energetic gathering. The article emphasised the happy mood created by knitters of all ages and levels congregating to commemorate World Wide Knit in Public Day. Neelkamal Chouhan was lauded for her love of knitting and commitment to building a community and platform for knitters to interact and be inspired by one another. The reader’s attention was captured by the colourful tapestry of creativity and community spirit displayed at the event, which featured a variety of courses, demonstrations, and an exhibition of knitted masterpieces. It was a gathering that elevated knitting as a skill and encouraged a spirit of joy and community among all attendees.


The World Wide Knit in Public Day celebration hosted by Neelkamal Chouhan in Nehru Park was a riot of ingenuity, camaraderie, and humour. On that day, knitting went beyond its cosy stereotype and transformed into a lively language that bonded complete strangers. These friendships will endure long after the final stitch. In order to knit the world a little bit cosier, let’s keep those needles clicking till next year’s event. Also, spread the word about knitting far and wide.

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